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If You’re Looking to Improve Yourself, Your Life, and Your Relationships, This Book Is for You!

Ever wish that you could upgrade yourself? Ever find yourself caught in the grip of negative or obsolete patterns that you wish you could change? Want to become the best version of yourself? Now you can.

Presented in the form of a story about a young man who is handed a mysterious manual for living, Upgrade Yourself is based on painstaking research and time-tested philosophies. It is a handbook for navigating the mazes of inner conflict and external relationships. 

Upgrade Yourself will teach you:

How research into neuroplasticity and psychology proves that people can change, debunking that myth that “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”
How the conflict between body and mind and between the conscious and unconscious minds can be resolved within the individual self
How people are trapped in the bubbles of their subjective experiences, and how to free yourself from the trap of shortsightedness
The true nature of emotions and how to get a handle of your negative feelings
How to apply the wisdom of the ancient Stoics and discover what it means to live a “good life”
How people can use emotional granularity to construct finer-grained emotional experiences
How to recategorize your feelings and emotions to help master our physical responses to them
How to develop the farsighted perspective
How to use a positive mindset to achieve success in your relationships, in your creative pursuits, and your career
How to use modalities and submodalities to alter your perceptions of painful memories and crushing anxieties
How to change your mental and emotional state from a unresourceful state to a resourceful one. 
How to form new strategies for mastering your emotions and mindset to overcome any obstacle
The difference between the pleasant life, the good life, and the meaningful life
The six character virtues and the 24 character strengths of positive psychology

Whether you’re drowning in negative emotions, caught in self-destructive habits, or stuck in unresourceful states of mind, Upgrade Yourself: Learn How to Become a Better Version of Yourself is the manual you need.

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Robert Plank
hr min
15 April
John Fernando