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When you had a bad day at work, you're not the only one who suffers. Your vagus nerve also feels the pressure.

But what on earth is that? Vagus nerve runs through a large part of your body. It goes from the top of your brain within your vital organs to the colon. Basically, it checks your heart, stomach, and liver from running fitly. Also, it tells your organs that the storm has passed after a long day.

It's an essential part of your nervous system, and few doctors are bold enough to talk about it. Do you have any idea how many health conditions you can solve just by stimulating it correctly?

In this guide, best-selling author Albert Harvy explains how to give love to your vagus nerve.

You'll learn how to prevent/cure a full list of physical and mental health conditions using relaxation techniques, massages, diets, among other alternative methods. Here's everything you need to do to be happy and healthy again along with your vagus nerve!

A brief summary of what you'll find in this book: 

How to stimulate the vagus nerve
All diseases associated with the vagus nerve and how to prevent them
How to counteract antisocial behavior, PTSD and ADHD, but also fight anxiety, depression, trauma, phobias, and inflammation
Dozens of simple, quick step-by-step exercises to restore your health and purify your moods
Much more!


1. What is the vagus nerve?

It supplies nerve fibers to the throat, lungs, heart, and digestive organs. Also, it receives signals like rhythm, force, and frequency from internal organs to sends them back to the brain.

2. What are the benefits of stimulating the vagus nerve?

It helps deal with anxiety, depression, trauma, phobias and other health problems such as antisocial behaviors like PTSD or ADHD, but also physical diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart failure, among others.

3. Why do I need this book?

One of the best ways to help us and prevent numerous illnesses is to know your body and what we can do to stay healthy. Traditional medicine is an excellent ally, but if you help yourself maintaining a healthy lifestyle using alternative techniques, you can have a longer and quieter life without pills or constant medical check-ups!

Daisy Hinshaw
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21 February
Eleonora Peluso