Vagus Nerve (Gold Edition): All the Secrets About the Healing Power of Vagus Nerve. 2 Books in 1: Self-Help Practical Exercises for Anxiety, Chronic Illness, Depression, PTSD, Polyvagal Theory (Unabridged‪)‬

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You are about to learn how to leverage the power of the vagus nerve to deal with chronic inflammation, trauma, epilepsy, stress, depression, anxiety, seizures, heart problems, gut problems, and so much more through vagus nerve stimulation/activation!

Are you aware that your body has secret healing capabilities? These capabilities are found in the most unfathomable of systems - the nervous system, and in particular, just one nerve that runs from the head down to the abdomen and passing through different organs and organ systems: the vagus nerve!

It does that through acting as an information superhighway that connects various organs and organ systems! And just like in the real world, if the flow of "traffic" within this superhighway is disrupted, the "towns" within the network suffer. The "towns" in this case are the organs and organ systems through which the vagus nerve passes. And the consequences of the vagus nerve not working optimally include problems like migraines, Alzheimer’s, tinnitus, leaky gut, obesity, heart problems, depression, trauma, stress, IBS and other gut problems, anxiety, epilepsy, and chronic inflammation, among many others.

So if you have any of these problems, you should look into the functioning of your vagus nerve, as it may be the underlying reason for your problems.

So how exactly is the vagus nerve related to all these? Are there any science-backed studies to explain this connection? Which organs and organ systems does the vagus nerve pass through/connect with? How do you tell that your vagus nerve is dysfunctional? Which diseases are you likely to suffer from if your vagus nerve has a problem? What approaches can you use to neutralize the vagus nerve problems that may be causing you various problems?

If you have these and other related questions about using the vagus nerve to free yourself from all manner of diseases, this two-in-one audiobook is for you!

More precisely, inside this two-in-one audiobook, you’ll learn:

The basics about the vagus nerve including its location, anatomy, its main parts, how it functions, its place in the nervous system, its role as an intestinal immune homeostasis modulator, and more
The vagus nerve as a link in between the central nervous system and ENS
The ins and outs of the concept of neuromodulatory release by the vagus nerve
The numerous health disorders associated with vagus nerve problems
How to effectively stimulate your vagus nerve with the vagus nerve stimulator, including the ins and outs of the vagus nerve stimulator implant
The various commercial vagus nerve stimulation devices, including the conditions that VNS can treat
The various health benefits of vagus nerve stimulation
The ins and outs of vagus nerve stimulation therapy and surgery
The place of the vagus nerve in GI health and inflammation control

Kevin Ford, MVO
hr min
21 April
Christian Cooper