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Join Winnie the Pooh and friends in this collection of charming stories created to show little ones what it means to be a true friend.

In “Party in the Wood,” Pooh is in the mood to celebrate. But when Eeyore’s tail goes missing, the festivities must be postponed while his friends try to find him a replacement. They try and try, but none of the new tails they come up with suits the poor donkey. Luckily, Pooh saves the day—and is rewarded with a honey of a party!

In “Forever Friends,” a story about friendship and funny hijinks in the Hundred-Acre Wood, Piglet helps Pooh and his friends save the day when they believe a scary creature has captured Christopher Robin!

In “Pooh’s Honey Adventure,” Pooh discovers that every single one of his honeypots is empty. Hungry but hopeful, he and his rumbly tummy head into the Hundred-Acre Wood in search of more of his favorite treat. Pooh soon finds himself in a very tight spot. Luckily, his friends come to the rescue—and Pooh’s day ends with sweet success!

In “Pooh’s Secret Garden,” spring has sprung in the Hundred-Acre Wood and Winnie the Pooh is planting a garden. Follow along in this delightful tale to see what surprises are springing up in Pooh’s secret garden!

Kids & Young Adults
Disney Book Group
hr min
12 October
Disney Press

Customer Reviews

The greatest watching app ,

I really liked it

Great audiobook! I could listen to this all day.

LC_Music Lover ,

Winnie The Poo Forever Friends

My great nieces loved it

snurryboy ,


The prologue is longer than the stories. Its been a while since i read the complete collections but this seems way too short. Even each individual story came off as abridged at like 5 minutes each.
Actually ive got the dramatised audiobooks and they are much much longer.

Makes sense why this is free. Don’t play this for your kids if you’re expecting them to go to sleep to it. You’ll only have about 20 mins tops before they’re back out asking for another glass of water and to pet the dog goodnight and to say your prayers with them again, plus 20 other random questions to fend off the evil monster sleep.

If you want to put on Pooh, run the dramatised books back to back otherwise you’re better off putting on Go The F**K To Sleep on repeat.
My recommendation though is the Narnia series. Still my favourite bed time audiobooks at 29. :)

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