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Advice, tips and information to help you sell your home for the best price in any market. This book has been written with the intention of providing information and suggestions for quick fixes, budget reno’s, tips and advice with the view to positioning you in the market for a speedy sale at a great price. It provides a complete overview of the house, from the street to the back fence (and everywhere in between), where to start, what to look for, how to fix it and how to make it shine for inspections.

Buying and selling real estate has changed and evolved. You now have access to a huge range of data, statistics and information which hasn’t been available to the public in the past. But there’s so much information out there now, it’s also easy to get confused. That’s where this book and I come in.

Aside from the practical side of preparing your house for sale, I’ll go further, to explain in detail, the processes involved in the sale of your home and how to maximise your sales campaign, how to select the best agent for you, the legal angles and other pits-falls that can be easily avoided by the well informed player. There’s some fun stuff in there too; it’s not all just facts and figures.

Selling your home is one of the few times in life when you can directly affect the final result of the return on your original investment. I’ve written this book to help you make sure that your investment pays off ... BIG TIME! (and because I’ve always wanted to see my name as the author on a book).

I hope that you enjoy and benefit from 101 Things to do to Sell your House for More.

Julie Rayner

Business & Personal Finance
16 November
Julie Rayner
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