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Conventional Wisdom tells us that all we need to do to lose weight is to eat less and/or do more. Zoe Harcombe busts this, and other diet myths in this thought provoking article.

One pound does not equal 3,500 calories. You will not lose one pound if you create a deficit of 3,500 calories. Eating less/doing more will not work. Five-a-day is not only being a myth, but a contributor to the obesity epidemic.  Saturated fat does not cause heart disease. Your body makes cholesterol, your body is not trying to kill you and more.

As well as busting 20 of the most strongly held diet myths of all times, this manifesto includes the full introduction to Zoë Harcombe’s book The Obesity Epidemic: What caused it? How can we stop it?

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12 August
Zoe Harcombe
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Customer Reviews

Oz-aj ,

Fantastic book every one must read

Great effort in writing the book and making it free. I myself was of the same beliefs but without many facts but this book is further an eye opener. I am primarily a vegetarian with eggs and fish in my diet. Never fell for modern medicine and marketing propagandas. Live a healthy life style with no obesity may be a little very little gut.

Saswatoc ,

Very interesting

This book challenges all that I knew about the cause of one's weight gain problem. I have no qualms in admitting that Zoe has done an enormous amount of research for this and all her argumants are based on real chemistry logic and common sense. I can't agree more with her in the fact that we should be best with being as natural as we can get.

Must read for all health concious people.

Flossy1305 ,

Pseudo science

I am only in my first year of a science degree and have found a number of issues with the information provided in this book. I don't think the information is accurate and should not pose as an 'ultimate myth buster'. If you choose to take advice from this book, it would be wise to do research so you can have a full understanding of the topics addressed. This book is a load of rubbish and relies on scientific words used in a nonsensical fashion to come to illogical conclusions. The first few myths state that eating less and moving more will not help you lose weight - rubbish. If you ate less calories and exercised more, you'll lose weight.

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