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In the book, the author explains the most difficult tasks of a campaign in a simple way so anyone can understand. You will learn how to calculate your vote goal, where to find the voters, how to raise money, how to deal with the media and most importantly how figure out how much time and volunteers you will need to complete everything.

This book is unique from other campaign books in that the author discusses the three attributes every winning campaign needs (money, name recognition, endorsements) and show you how to get all three for yourself. This method is called the 3 Pillars of Candidacy. The author breaks down these attributes and shows you how to examine yourself to see if you have strength in one of them. He goes further to show you how to gain all three when you only have strength in one attribute. A easy to read flow chart is included to guide you along the path to get the three attributes, which would mean certain victory. In short, if you are a political novice and looking to do it right the first time, this is the book for you.

The book contains chapter after chapter of strategies and methods that have proven to place your campaign in the best position to win. Of course, there are more than 20 Things you need to do in a campaign, but once you start to follow the chapters you will be organized and have a plan to win. You can use the book as a reference. After each chapter, there is a place to take notes or write your thoughts down. There is a “campaign checklist” that you can take from the book to keep with you anywhere you go to make sure you stay focused and are remembering the important steps from each chapter.

If you need a more clear vision of how to overcome obstacles in your campaign or to put your campaign back on the path to victory, then this is the book for you.

Politics & Current Affairs
24 July
Rodney Statham
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