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Are you having difficulties in your Christian life? Are you being driven, harassed, tormented, and are generally unable to live the life the Bible says you are living? This is usually the work of evil spirits at multiple levels of your life. Jonathan van Helsing's newest book may will be your answer.
Professor van Helsing's book can begin you on a program that will help you battle the evil spirits that are hindering your progress as a Christian. These prayers include prayers to defeat the Illuminati spirits commanding the evil spirits tormenting you and prayers to bind the individual evil spirits. Then, the book takes you into prayers to break the curses on your life. Afterwards, the book covers the various types of witchcraft attacks people often have on their lives and has prayers to deal with each type.
The book also contains prayers to destroy the evil spirits' record system, including prayers to delete your name from that system and cause the system to never re-enter your name into the system again. Finally, the book contains prayers to break down and destroy the Quantum Matrix system the evil spirits use to manage their operations on planet earth.
21st Century Warfare Prayers is your guide to dealing with your personal problems in Christian growth. This book dares to go where most pastors and preachers refuse to go. The book allows to you take the fight to the enemy, make them play by the rules, and put them to flight. Battling evil spirits is possible and this book has the tools to allow you to successfully fight that battle.

Religion & Spirituality
30 October
Jonathan van Helsing
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