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Five of Sophie Sin's latest erotic short stories. Included are the story of a policeman dealing with virgin temptation, a writer who has lost love only to find it, the room mate that likes to get down with men in twos, a deception of a blind woman turned love triangle and much more, and instant love for a sexy couple. All this and more in this erotica collection.

The '5 Erotic Short Stories Vol 3' collection contains these stories and more:

# His Duty (Police, Temptation)
Sgt. Brad Hope knows his duty and will not be distracted. His will is strong, but when the right woman comes along he knows he can't keep his hands off. Janet is a Christian girl who always loves to tease, but has never lived anywhere openminded enough to try going all the way. Alpha male meets girl who doesn't know who not to tease.

# Writer (Romance)
A man who lost it all in the pursuit of the love and a woman who can't help but want him. Can he put aside his pain and can she help him do it?

# Cheating Room Mates (Threesome)
Joan has always been a bad girl and John should have known this. Left to her own devices she would get herself in trouble and he was always mindful of her ability to get herself in sticky situation after sticky situation. However, some things are too much. When Joan takes an interest that goes beyond just flirtation in John’s room mate Jack, sparks fly and unforgivable things.are done.

# Blind Switch (Kinky)
Jack and Derek are more than just friends. They share women too. This time a young, innocent blind girl has caught their attention and she is in for a surprise. These two devious men are planning a switch, but it’s going to be harder than they think. Sarah may be blind, but she’s not stupid and a choice is coming for all three of them that might redefine the way they see each other.

# Falling Deep (Romance)
Jack didn't believe in love at first sight until he met Mary on a late night tour of a theme park. Mary knew he was the one the instant she laid eyes on him. Unfortunately, nothing is ever easy when it comes to love. Two hearts distant yet oh-so-close.

And many other great erotica short stories in this collection.

Fiction & Literature
24 May
Lunatic Ink Publishing
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