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Simply flicking through this book will convince you that healthy, fat free and low fat cooking need never be dull again. Every one of the 70 recipes is exciting, easy-to-follow and temptingly mouth-watering – as well as being very low in fat. There are dishes for all occasions, from snacks to family suppers and dinner parties, and the range will amaze you: soups, fish, pasta, curries, vegetarian dishes, desserts and even cakes and cookies. Helpful guides at the beginning of the book offer hints and tips for cutting down on your intake of fat, especially saturated fats, together with a clear explanation of the differences between the various types. You will be surprised at how easy it is to adapt your usual cooking techniques so that you use little or no fat to prepare a dazzling array of deceptively rich and scrumptious meals.  Astonish your guests with Baked Fish in Banana Leaves, delight your family with Turkey and Tomato Hot Pot, tantalize your taste buds with Raspberry Vacherin, snack on Parma Ham and Pepper Pizzas or indulge in Tia Maria Gateau with impunity. Nutritional notes are included with each recipes to give an easy guide to its fat content – never more than 5 grams per serving, and often much less. The consultant editor, Anne Sheasby, spent several years working as a professional home economist and subsequently with Slimming Magazine before embarking on a freelance career as a food and cookery writer. All of the recipes have been professionally written and tested in our chef’s kitchen and ingredients are measured out in metric and imperial. US cup measures are also included.

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15 December
Anness Publishing Limited
Anness Publishing Ltd

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