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A wayward billionaire looking for love. An activist who also happens to write the most scorching dark romance novels to ever hit the bookshelves. Every time they think they're clicking, they're reminded of the differences that shackle them to the same old lives. 

That's what happens when Phoebe Dahl walks into the office of Preston Bradley, the man who owns her publisher. What's a mere formality for her turns into the best day of Preston's life. 

Because he's found the one. 

Phoebe's distrust of capitalism and drive to help those less fortunate than her puts her at instant odds with the man who lives by himself in a huge mansion in Portland's affluent hills. 

Yet he wants her. He's pretty sure she wants him too. Otherwise, how is she ending up in his bed? 

But there's one thing Preston doesn't know about Phoebe. He's not her first ride at the billionaire boyfriend rodeo... and the last rich boyfriend nearly destroyed her ability to love. 

While Phoebe plugs away at her next bestseller, Preston comes up with a plan to prove to her - and the world - that they are destined to be together. 

Even if there are a billion reasons telling them to give it up.

This is the first book in the A Billion Reasons Why Series by Cynthia Dane.

28 August
Wild Hearts Romance
Vasko Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

Huk46 ,

A Billion Reasons Why - Book 1 by Clare Dane

Is Preston just another Carlton? Or will he be The true love Phoebe’s not been allowing herself to fall for?
Looking forward to the rest of the series.
Redland City

JMC_ilovebooks ,

A Billion Reasons Why - Cynthia Dane

Totally loving the play between the two main characters.
You can see they should end up together but everything suggests one or the other will sabotage any chance they have.
Looking forward to finding out what happens.
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Hilsn8r ,

Why not?

Enjoyed this book, hopefully Preston convinces Phoebe they are meant to be together! Can’t wait to read the series.

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