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"Oops," says Mark, "looks like her bra will have to come off too boys."
The men smile as Charlie reaches over and snaps open the front closure of my bra. My girls come tumbling out and I gasp at the size of them. I've never seen them like this. I wouldn't have thought it would be possible to see them like this. Swollen and huge they spill out in front of me, I give another deep groan.
"What's the matter Allison?" asks Mark with a grin.
"I need," I gasp out, "I need- " I can't say it it's too embarrassing, but they know what I need and Charlie and Chris each bend down.

When Alison's Step Father catches her in the middle of some very naughty behavior with the neighbor boy, he decides the only way to get her to clean up her act, is good old fashioned hard work. That's how Alison ends up with a summer job at the local Dairy Princess. What Alison doesn't know though, is that this is no ordinary Dairy Princess and while the attractive Alpha Male employees of the Dairy Princess have hard work in mind for Alison, it is most definitely not the kind her stepfather intended.

The following story contains an inexperienced young girl over the age of eighteen, getting humiliated, milked, pumped full of cream and satisfied completely by a handsome group of rough older men. Her curves are practically exploding with cream and her bosses know that there's only way to relieve her and it's going to be rough.

Fiction & Literature
7 December
Gracie Lacewood
Smashwords, Inc.

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