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The penultimate volume of the mighty Riftwar Cycle

War rages in Midkemia but behind the chaos there is disquieting evidence of dark forces at work.

Jim Dasher’s usually infallible intelligence network has been cleverly dismantled; nowhere is safe. He feels that the world is coming apart at the seams and is helpless to protect his nation.

Quiet palace coups are underway in Roldem and Rillanon; and King Gregory of the Isles has yet to produce an heir. In each kingdom a single petty noble has risen from obscurity to threaten the throne.

Lord Hal of Crydee and his great friend Ty Hawkins, champion swordsman of the Masters’ Court, are entrusted with the task of smuggling Princess Stephané and her lady-in-waiting, the lovely but mysterious Lady Gabriella, out of Roldem to a place of greater safety. But is there any safe haven to be found?

Meanwhile, Hal’s younger brothers Martin and Brendan are attempting to hold the strategic city of Ylith against an onslaught of Keshian Dog Soldiers, and a mysterious force from beneath the sea. The Kingdom might lose Crydee and recover; but if Ylith falls, all is lost.

An unknown player appears to orchestrating these conflicts. Can Pug and the Conclave of Shadows track down this source before Midkemia is destroyed?


Praise for Raymond E. Feist:

‘File under guilty pleasure’ Guardian

‘Get in at the start of a master’s new series’ Daily Sport

‘Well-written and distinctly above average… intelligent… intriguing’ Publishers Weekly

About the author

Feist is one of the world’s leading fantasy writers. His Riftwar and Serpentwar Sagas have been global bestsellers for years.

Born and raised in Southern California, Raymond E. Feist was educated at the University of California, San Diego, where he graduated with honours in Communication Arts. He is the author of the bestselling and critically acclaimed Riftwar Saga.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
20 February
HarperCollins Australia Pty Limited

Customer Reviews

BananaPancakes11 ,

Raymond E. Feist

Is a legend. I have read every one of his books and there isn't a single word that disappoints. Before i bought this book I knew it would be the same. Raymond has spent 30 years delivering the most epic and astounding fantasy adventures that will be cherished for years to come. Raymond is unquestionably one of the most amazing authors and my hero and I very much look forward to Magicians End, although once it is over, I will crawl into a ball and die. Thank you Raymond for the happiness and most beloved memories you have given me.

Kidgeeridge ,

A Crown Imperilled

A disappointment from a great author.
The story line is long winded with to much rehashing of characters we know.
Not one of His best.

FlexyBear ,

Brilliant. !!

This is a cracker. Absolutely first class. Like almost all of Raymond's work. Can't wait for the next one.

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