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Kitty, I think that was a good book, one that comes from the heart of a real person.
What I mean by that is it sounds true, like someone who it really happened to wrote
it. I personally loved it. I read it about four times, and I still am not sick of it. And
thats the truth. I love how it takes feelings, and emotions and puts it together. It
really seemed like you got into Ermas feelings. How she was at first singled out by
others. All just for something she didnt even want. All she left behind for that. Plust
it teaches you about the Amish way of life. So I think the book really teaches you
a lot, about Amish society, real feelings, and a lot more. I loved the book, people I
know loved the book. In other words its a good book.

Love, Stephie Haas

The first time I heard your story was in 6th grade when you were teaching my
class. You read chapters of it to us everyday. It rocked!! Personally, it made me
want to go be Amish for a little while there. I use to always think it had to be so
hard to be Amish, but after you read it to the class, it totally switched my thoughts
around (not saying I always have thoughts!) All my friends that heard or read this
book loved it! Hope you write a sequel!

Lots of love, Brittany Giebel

Hey Kitty, I really liked reading your spectacular book. Ive always wondered what
it would be like to live the Amish lifestyle. Having no electricity, running water,
or indoor bathroom would be a bummer. I think that you should make a sequel
because I would really enjoy reading it because its fun to read about someone my
own age. I would probably be like Erma and sneak in my CD player because I
LOVE music, too!!!!

Mary Pat Speerstra

Fiction & Literature
19 January