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A book of poems often called the erotic lubricant of Garden Gnomes.

I really do not know what to say, poetry can be so revealing, lower so many walls exposing one's heart, can be a very personal experience, that I feel a close relationship beginning between us, my heart is pounding fast, the compass I navigate with so perhaps I am on the right path, however I will not put out for you so easily, keep your naughty, greedy hands to yourself! I am not pimping out my spiritual lyrics! No first you must take me out with you, wine and dine me, introduce me to your family, serenade me with your deep beautiful mind, wear a sheep costume, with burritos covering your... Oh yes, yes! Ok, now Touch me! Give it! More! Oh I am a Poetry Store!

I feel cheap, (this book is free afterall) so I am going to use a confusion ploy, how does that work, you might ask, well if an apple core of unknown wisdom falls from the Tree of a hundred bridges connecting my brain synapses to the moist robot in the dark, the dog playing dead with a bar attendant’s bone shank shard, the thin border between pleasure and pain, the egg panicking on the disco wall before it is punctured, the word on her sweet hips, the way she moves her lips, Trojan warship armadas launch in the dreadnaught sea of drenched trenches with my brain in her oven not at all like my tree.

Now imagine you are an ant crawling into the hole of my brain, you can carry 100 times your weight, what are you bringing in, what are you going to take? WARNING TO THE READER - this will change you in so many ways (maybe). I am trying to think of how my poems will benefit you and all of mankind.... still thinking... perhaps they will not help now but will once we have all died and it is just the universal spirit and the planet and our sun packing heat, toting guns, riding off into the horizon to begin a new dawn at a later time.

Fiction & Literature
12 June
Professor Mustard
Smashwords, Inc.

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