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Two holiday stories from one of Blushing Books most popular authors, Carolyn Faulkner.
A Christmas Holiday to Remember:

Successful, independent Victoria Hauser had nearly gotten to the point in her life where she was going to be just as happy to give up the dating game. None of her relationships with men seemed to go anywhere.

But when friends set her up on a blind date, and she met Major Cole Grant, USMC, she felt a sizzle between them that she hadn't with anyone else, even more so, she realized, when he mentioned what he intended to do to curb her habit of being perpetually late for everything.

The more involved she became with Cole, the more he proved to her that a loving, caring dominant who kept her in line by applying his paddle-like hand to her behind was more to her liking than she could ever have imagined. When Christmas rolled around and she stumbled onto a ring he had cleverly hidden in plain sight, she knew that her only answer had to be a resounding "YES!"

A New Year's Holiday to Remember:

Marine Major Cole Grant usually kept a very watchful eye on his fiancee, Victoria Hauser, but it was damned hard to do it from seven thousand miles away, where he was stationed in Afghanistan. As she eagerly anticipates his return, Victoria remembers the beginnings of their intimate relationship, recalling the first time he'd ever spanked her, which was also the first time they made love.

And when something unexpected happens, she finds herself in a heap of hot water due to her own tendency to procrastinate, and Cole is only too happy to help her learn the error of her ways just in time for their New Year's Eve wedding.

26 January
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