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Gain the knowledge you need to maneuver any dining situation—from a casual meal of fried chicken to a seven-course dinner at the finest restaurant in the world.

A Lady at the Table will give any woman the knowledge she needs to maneuver any dining situation - from a casual meal of fried chicken at her mom's house to a seven-course dinner at the finest restaurant in the world. It includes. . .
How to set a tableHow to pronounce more than 100 different food namesHow to use obscure eating utensilsHow to perform the Heimlich maneuverHow to eat more than 25 foods that are challenging to eat gracefully such as lobster, snails, fried chicken, and pasta.
In a society where more and more people eat with plastic forks and spoons at fast food restaurants, it is still important that a lady know proper dining etiquette. Showing she has little working knowledge of table manners at a lunch meeting or on a job interview over dinner may have an important impact on a woman's life.

Like all the books in the GentleManners series, A Lady at the Table is easy to use, non-threatening, and an entertaining read. In addition to containing similar information as A Gentleman at the Table, A Lady at the Table deals with topics that apply uniquely to women such as how to respond when men rise as you leave or approach the table, how to react when a chair is pulled out for you and when it isn't, what to do when a man orders for you, and how to pay the check graciously when you are hosting a man.

18 October
Thomas Nelson
HarperCollins Australia Pty Limited

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