A Moment on the Lips: The Reluctant Succubus - Book One

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How far would you go for the perfect body?

After answering an ad guaranteeing instant, miraculous weight loss Sarah Mayhew is pulled into a nightmare she can't wake from. A knock at her door brings her face to face with a shadowy man who offers what she wants for a terrible price.

Sarah finds herself thrust into an erotic game where she doesn't know the rules but the stakes are all too clear.

Will she triumph? Or will she fall prey to the demon's seductive manipulations?

Devour is the first part of the Reluctant Succubus serial novel. It is a 7,000-word story of dark bargains, hot demon sex, and oral addictions. Recommended for adults only.

* * *


I lifted my head, my eyes closed so as not to look into that yawning abyss and I felt his hand cup my chin with his fingers. They were cold like icicles and dry as dead leaves. I gasped at the shock of the touch and then his lips were on mine, forcing my mouth open. He invaded my mouth with his tongue, gripped my chin harder in his fingers, and then laughed in a low growl as his tongue pushed deeper into me, past my lips and past my teeth and past my tongue and deeper until it poured through my lungs like smoke and filled my veins with ice water and swirled through me until my limbs were heavy and numb and then he pulled away leaving me gasping and coughing up gouts of black smoke that swirled on the floor and crawled back to him like snakes made of mist.

I couldn't cough it all out. Believe me, I tried. But some squiggle of it held on inside me, stretching and yawning and making itself at home down deep in my soul. I never believed in heaven or hell or any of that before but part of me wondered: was I damned now? But I didn't wonder for long. I knelt there on my living room floor at the shadowy man's feet coughing and sputtering and also somehow aroused by the ordeal. The kiss had been an abhorrent violation of nature, but it was still kind of hot. Was I really feeling this or was the shadow inside of me exerting some control? The man moved his hand like a conductor and I stood up. Or rather, my body stood up. I had no control. In an instant the smoke lurking inside me snapped taut like a second skeleton and I was this creature's plaything.

Fiction & Literature
27 February
Guilty Treasures Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

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