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When Sakura once again meets her gorgeous adoptive brothers, Sebastian and Darcy Princeton, forbidden feelings are awakened and an old flame ignites.

When orphan Sakura Tanaka sneaks into a famous Japanese designer’s fashion show in order to meet her biological mother, she doesn’t anticipate a complication that will turn her world upside down.

Through mistaken identity, she ends up modeling for the designer, which in turn leads to an unexpected encounter with her seven drop-dead gorgeous adoptive brothers, two of which have intentions for her heart. One of them is Sebastian Princeton, the handsome multibillionaire real estate investor, who isn’t afraid to show his feelings for her and openly pursues her. The other is Darcy Princeton, the multibillionaire game designer and entrepreneur, whose love Sakura has always secretly possessed.

To whom will Sakura ultimately give her heart?

The Princetons (Book 1 - 4): Falling for Sakura is a slow burn menage romance. A Seductive Proposal (previously titled as Sakura: A Secret Proposal) ends in a cliff-hanger.

18 August
Alexia X.
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

T. R . :) ,

Akira + nicolas

I ship them, they are made for each other. I hope the secret proposal is between them.

This book is quite a twister, it plays on ur emotions a little and has you yelling at the book to make a choice. You can't have both. I enjoy the book I've read 8 times and I know the plot off by Heart now and I also know akira and nicolas story off by heart it's cute.

It's a good book and I recommend it to anyone that loves romance.

T. R . :) ,

Omg I thought about this book after a week

I thought about the thing with nicolas and akira it's so cute, I thought about and well at first i thought they kissed but I think he talked to her based on the thing with her aunty. I love Sakura and her love story but....... I wanna no about akira and nicolas so I think she might b on the cover of the not book that's y I'm excited but the description is the same so

T. R . :) ,

I love Sakura and Toby they r so sweet

Akira and nicolas that's another story, I think they will make an amazing couple. It's hard to do a review without highlighting your favourite parts of the story, but some people read reviews to decide wether to get the book. Well I don't want to spoil but I'm gonna say it anyway, I love when nicolas Darby and Sebastian R running after who they thing is Sakura and nicolas nearly falls on akira

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