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To become familiar with the art of adapting instruction for varying student abilities in physical education, we spent a week at Camp Abilities, a summer camp for children and adolescents with visual impairments hosted by the Physical Education Department at SUNY Brockport in NY. This week long camp is open to those who are legally blind and it offers a chance for the athletes to fully participate and be successful in a physically active environment. Guiding the athletes to success are coaches from all over the world who, while subscribing to the camp's motto, "Believe You Can Achieve," spend time working with participants on an independent basis while they participate in swimming, biking, gymnastics and other activities. Both the athletes and coaches benefit from this week-long camp experience; the athletes develop sport specific--skills, confidence and a sense of independence while the coaches expand upon their pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) and an awareness of these athletes' abilities. In addition to the coaches, Camp Abilities also enlists the help of specialists who also have visual impairments and have competed at elite levels. These specialists break down sport--specific skills with appropriate cues and progressions. The presence of these successful athletic figures at camp motivates the athletes to renew their positive attitudes about their own abilities in sports. With their spirits high, they are continuously encouraged to practice their skills and to realize that with time they too can accomplish their goals by overcoming obstacles that others may see as impossible.

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22 September
Virginia Association for Health, Physical Education and Dance
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