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Includes complete 280+ Aesop's Fables which are a collection of fables credited to Aesop, a slave and story-teller believed to have lived in ancient Greece between 620 and 560 BC.

The Fox And The Grapes

The Goose That Laid The Golden Eggsthe Cat And The Mice

The Mischievous Dog

The Charcoal-burner And The Fuller

The Mice In Council

The Bat And The Weasels

The Dog And The Sow

The Fox And The Crow

The Horse And The Groom

The Wolf And The Lamb

The Peacock And The Crane

The Cat And The Birds

The Spendthrift And The Swallow

The Old Woman And The Doctor

The Moon And Her Mother

Mercury And The Woodman

The Ass, The Fox, And The Lion

The Lion And The Mouse

The Crow And The Pitcher

The Boys And The Frogs

The North Wind And The Sun

The Mistress And Her Servants

The Goods And The Ills

The Hares And The Frogs

The Fox And The Stork

The Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

The Stag In The Ox-stall

The Milkmaid And Her Pail

The Dolphins, The Whales, And The Sprat

The Fox And The Monkey

The Ass And The Lap-dog

The Fir-tree And The Bramble

The Frogs' Complaint Against The Sun

The Dog, The Cock, And The Fox

The Gnat And The Bull

The Bear And The Travellers

The Slave And The Lion

The Flea And The Man

The Bee And Jupiter

The Oak And The Reeds

The Blind Man And The Cub

The Boy And The Snails

The Apes And The Two Travellers

The Ass And His Burdens

The Shepherd's Boy And The Wolf

The Fox And The Goat

The Fisherman And The Sprat

The Boasting Traveller

The Crab And His Mother

The Ass And His Shadow

The Farmer And His Sons

The Dog And The Cook

The Monkey As King

The Thieves And The Cock

The Farmer And Fortune

Jupiter And The Monkey

Father And Sons


The Owl And The Birds

The Ass In The Lion's Skin

The She-goats And Their Beards

The Old Lion

The Boy Bathing

The Quack Frog

The Swollen Fox

The Mouse, The Frog, And The Hawk

The Boy And The Nettles

The Peasant And The Apple-tree

The Jackdaw And The Pigeons

Jupiter And The Tortoise

The Dog In The Manger

The Two Bags

The Oxen And The Axletrees

The Boy And The Filberts

The Frogs Asking For A King

The Olive-tree And The Fig-tree

The Lion And The Boar

The Walnut-tree

The Man And The Lion

The Tortoise And The Eagle

The Kid On The Housetop

The Fox Without A Tail

The Vain Jackdaw

The Traveller And His Dog

The Shipwrecked Man And The Sea

The Wild Boar And The Fox

Mercury And The Sculptor

The Fawn And His Mother

The Fox And The Lion

The Eagle And His Captor

The Blacksmith And His Dog

The Stag At The Pool

The Dog And The Shadow

Mercury And The Tradesmen

The Mice And The Weasels

The Peacock And Juno

The Bear And The Fox

The Ass And The Old Peasant

The Ox And The Frog

The Man And The Image

Hercules And The Waggoner

The Pomegranate, The Apple-tree, And The Bramble

The Lion, The Bear, And The Fox

The Blackamoor

The Two Soldiers And The Robber

The Lion And The Wild Ass

The Man And The Satyr

The Image-seller

The Eagle And The Arrow

The Rich Man And The Tanner

The Wolf, The Mother, And Her Child

The Old Woman And The Wine-jar

The Lioness And The Vixen

The Viper And The File

The Cat And The Cock

The Hare And The Tortoise

The Soldier And His Horse

The Oxen And The Butchers

The Wolf And The Lion

The Sheep, The Wolf, And The Stag

The Lion And The Three Bulls

The Horse And His Rider

The Goat And The Vine

The Two Pots

The Old Hound

The Clown And The Countryman

The Lark And The Farmer

The Lion And The Ass

The Prophet

The Hound And The Hare

The Lion, The Mouse, And The Fox

The Trumpeter Taken Prisoner

The Wolf

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4 April
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