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When her husband refused to return their children, and the Australian government and Lebanese justice system couldn't help, Sally Faulkner flew across the world with a television news crew to try to bring them home herself.

This is her story. This is for Lahela and Noah.

All for My Children is Sally Faulkner's unforgettable true story, showing how one Australian mother's life fractured in the moment she kissed her kids goodbye. This is a book Sally had to write, because it is the only way her children Lahela and Noah will know she never stopped trying to bring them home.

In May 2015, Sally hugged her children as they left Australia for a two-week holiday to Beirut with their father, Ali Elamine. Though separated, custody of two-year-old Noah and four-year-old Lahela had not been an issue. The kids lived with Sally in Brisbane and their dad often visited from his home in Lebanon. To Sally, everything seemed fine.

Twenty-four hours after that farewell, Ali said, 'The kids aren't coming back.' It was every parent's nightmare . . . and it was only going to get worse. After ten months without any contact with her children, missing birthdays and her daughter's first day at school, Sally had exhausted every avenue she could - pleading with Ali, using the courts, calling government departments and contacting the media.

Waking in a Beirut prison cell handcuffed to a 60 Minutes television reporter, Sally couldn't help asking herself . . . how did I get here?

Looking back, 21-year-old Sally had scored her dream life as an Emirates flight attendant. She was dazzled by a world far removed from the suburbs of Brisbane. Then, she met Ali, a charismatic charmer with a Californian accent, who she thought was the perfect man, married him and had the children she'd always hoped for. But her dream life didn't last.

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25 October
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Customer Reviews

Lammmeeeee ,

Need tissues

This story is heartbreaking. After seeing so much about Sally Faulkner in the news, and I had a lot of preconceptions starting this book, but I was surprised by how much I didn't know about this story. This is a truly awful story, but it's beautifully and emotionally told. I hope she gets her babies back.

JJYM5555 ,

Five stars

This is an incredibly gut wrenching biography & I am confident that anyone who reads this book will attest to the injustice that has been served to Lahela, Noah & Sally.

A well written book, which forces those with a heart to have no choice but to become vulnerable and compassionate.

Reading this book has made me feel incredibly helpless to Faulkner & her family, in addition to feeling frustrated by amateur media outlets who had previously delivered ‘dribble & noise’ as opposed to reporting the facts. I won’t even bother to comment on the clunky and archaic international laws!

Praise to Hachette for the work they have done to get the facts delivered & supporting a worthy cause, without your support, we the public would never had the opportunity to gain the facts!

Theheartacheisreal ,

All for my children

Finally the truth from the woman at the centre of a nightmare no mother should endure. My heart ached for Sally as I followed her story from the beginning but after reading her book, it's broken for her. What a strong, inspirational and brave woman!
Sally I hope you once again feel the loving embrace of your beautiful children in the near future. I eagerly await hearing the good news.

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