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Connecting with my brothers was a dream I'd always prayed would come true. They were the exact opposite of our father, thankfully, except for the fact that all three of them were protective to a fault, something I sometimes enjoyed, yet at other times I wanted nothing more than to throttle them. Every last one of them. I now had a family and people to love unconditionally and care for; things I never expected based on the upbringing that was forced upon me. Is it possible that I might win the man of my dreams heart? I'm going to do everything within my power to ensure this outcome. I deserve a little joy and happiness in my life.


The best part about being a valued member of the Ghost Team is the comradery I have built with the other mercenaries. Growing up a military brat, I had planned to serve my country for the rest of my life, or at least until they forced me to retire. Our last mission forced us all to step back and reevaluate what we wanted, but our commander Silas had another formidable plan in mind, one that we all wholeheartedly agreed with putting into effect. What I never expected to find was that one woman who could bring me to my knees, vanquishing my old demons and providing me with a new outcome on life. Making her mine.

When a threat against Athena forces her and Liam to flee to a safe house until the brothers can locate where it's coming from, they find themselves deep in Amish country, living as husband and wife. Can Athena and Liam navigate through their twisted lives and nightmares to come out on the other side as one cohesive unit? Or will the lengths they need to go to and the hurdles to jump be more than this couple can endure?

Fiction & Literature
23 January
Liberty Parker
Draft2Digital, LLC

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