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“Three books were given to the fans, with many appendices to boot, and from them sprang a mighty genre.” An Unexpected Parody: The Unauthorized Spoof of The Hobbit revisits the film with mayhem, mirth, and magic missiles—or at least, crumpled newspaper missiles. Torn Teepeeshield, the Hot Prince of the Dwarves, puts aside his developing stardom in dwarf cabaret to quest to the Lame Old Mountain and destroy the dragon Erpolushun, or in the common tongue, Smog. Gonedaft the Grey, formerly known as Gonedaft the Grizzled and Gonedaft of the Rainbow Tie-die that He So Can’t Pull Off, recruits Bumble Baglunch, country gentleman and professional coward, since as an avid comic book fan and all-around geek, Bumble’s too smart to fall prey to obvious fantasy clichés. Together with Bobbin, Noggin, Rover, Clover, Sloppy, Ploppy, Frappe, Hottie, Spottie, Quaff, Sloth, and Ezekiel the dwarves, they journey across Renfair Earth to revive their franchise. Destiny may be a word writers use to pave over plotholes, but Bumble is determined to triumph nonetheless and play as good a game of goblin golf as his ancestors.

Praise for Henry Potty and the Pet Rock
An easy afternoon’s read, enjoyable and quirky...If you’re in the mood for a silly farce it’ll be perfect, and even if you aren’t it’ll still be fun. –Burning Void Reviews

Children of all ages (including adults) will adore this hilarious parody!
–Kathy Boswell, President of Reviewers International Organization

I haven’t laughed out loud so much since reading Bored of the Rings. –Reader’s Robot

A laugh-out-loud, irreverent salute to our obsession with the robed pre-teen…Ms. Frankel is obviously a brilliant writer with a fantastic grasp of the Harry Potter story and its social layers.
–Wild Child Publishing

An absolutely hilarious take on the Harry Potter stories: Frankel takes a stab at re-creating a similar story line but with a few wackier characters and events. A parody like no other I’ve ever seen in literature: you will chuckle and laugh until your belly hurts…Silly, senseless, and totally nuts, you cannot help but enjoy the ride.
–Reader Views

Fiction & Literature
8 February
Valerie Estelle Frankel
Smashwords, Inc.

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