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Armenian Wine Turkish Bread is the story of one group's journey to the land of their ancestors in search of reconciliation; reconciliation with the history that has haunted their people for a century; reconciliation with those whose forefathers were responsible for that dark time. This group's leader, Pastor Rafi Shahverdyan, will take you through the landmarks of his journey as you engage with his people's heritage and history. As you walk with Pastor Rafi through Istanbul's bustling streets, you will discover the remains of Constantinople and her modern-day children who are still working to keep the flame of the ancient faith alive. Visit Izmir and discover the land, which once embraced the famous Church of Ephesus, and find out how her spiritual heirs are fighting to reclaim the "first love" about which their Master spoke more than two millennia ago. Enter Ayasofya and remember that, below the coverings and defacements, a dormant Hagia Sophia waits to be awakened by those who still remember her name. Along this noble journey, you will also be introduced to those whose lives are yet pressed under the caliper of national hatred, rejection, and hopelessness. Hear their stories and feel the pain of a people whose grand history has been marred by the stain of genocide. You may be surprised to learn how deep this people's commitment has been to their national faith and cultural identity in a world that has tried everything to destroy their place and name. Certainly, however, the same One, whose name they took more than 1700 years ago, is still at work in their nation, not the least in Pastor Rafi's team and their colleagues.
Take a seat at the table, whose surface is adorned with Lord's Supper. Experience the transforming power of forgiveness, even forgiveness of a centenarian evil of the deepest and darkest kind imaginable. Celebrate the unification of historical enemies around the common ground of the Cross, whose

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1 September
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