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Best-selling author, Lynn Baber, asks, "Do you consciously frame questions so the easiest answer is 'Yes'”?

Do people sometimes take what you say the wrong way? Success in your professional and personal life is hampered by less-than-stellar communication skills. This short book offers insight and instruction to help you get your message out clearly.

“We need to talk, can you meet me at noon?”

Fear strikes the heart of most folks when they hear, “We need to talk…” from their boss or spouse. Heart rates soar, blood pressure rises, and concentration on anything else is pretty much toast. Unless the specific intent was to cause panic, one bit of questionable communication can ruin your day.

Effective communication is hard. Concise effective communication is an art. For those who don’t have the gift, questions can even the playing field. That’s how questions became the foundation of the author’s career and inspired this short-read book.

People who ask brilliant questions are often more successful than people who give brilliant answers. It’s like the old story about the difference between giving someone a fish or teaching them how to fish. One answer won’t make your career, but skillfully asking the right questions might.
Personal and professional relationships are fed by trust. Properly using questions inspires trust.

Most people look for a yes – action, obedience, or agreement – from customers, colleagues, families, and even horses. This short book addresses the reasons why you don’t get the response you want and the unintended consequences of asking the wrong question.

Easy-to-understand and packed with illustrations, “The Art of YES” shares the 4 Types of Questions and teaches you to wield them effectively and responsibly. Has a question ever made you feel uncomfortable? If that wasn’t the intent, what went wrong?

Body, Mind & Spirit
3 July
Lynn Baber
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