Ashtar Sheran: Your Future on Eden

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Sharon: So why are you telling us all this now, Ashtar?
Ashtar: Because it's time, Sharon.

Sharon Stewart, Channeler & Author: "I am absolutely stunned by what he's been telling me! That's the only comment I have. Absolutely blown away! If you can read this book without contemplating the entirety of existence, then you've read it too fast."

THIS IS WHAT everybody's been waiting for! What's going on now and what's to come in the future for earth, as told by the man who is in charge of seeing it all gets accomplished, delivered by one of the few people who can channel a book from such a high energy being, Ascended Master Commander Ashtar Sheran.

​Ashtar explains what's to come for Eden (Earth) in the next 50 years and beyond. Expanding on Ivo of Vega's book, "What You Need to Know Now," Ashtar tells us in more detail of the return of the Light and specifically the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies to restore this world to life and the Light.

There are some real surprises in here, things you could never have dreamed of!

​Ashtar Sheran: "Whatever confidential files are being released to the public now, do you believe that these are actually the true files on sensitive subjects like Area 51? If you do, then you have fallen for their ruse again. What they do, they do to control you and to mislead your minds into fulfilling their agenda.

There is little truth upon your planet.

Your Secret Space Program works in anticipation of future effect as well; they can see into the future, jump timelines and see the effects of their work in the future. Documents released to the public now only continue to back up the false narrative they created 70 years ago. You are naive if you believe otherwise.

​Besides that, extraterrestrials don't keep paper documents. Earthlings do."

Ashtar's information about future technologies and our use of them to battle rising ocean levels will leave you relieved and feeling more comforted about the future of humanity. We will come to our own aid and we'll do a fantastic job of transforming our planet in the meantime!

Written in easy to read English, lacking in technical jabber, anyone can read this book from start to finish and increase in awareness and frequency.

Body, Mind & Spirit
21 March
Sharon Stewart
Draft2Digital, LLC

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