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Australia in Style: Northern Territory travels through some of Australia’s wildest landscapes. Visit Longitude 131˚, a stylish desert camp with front-row views of Uluru; Cicada Lodge, an Aboriginal resort in Katherine Gorge National Park; Bullo River Station, a vast Top End cattle station and Davidson’s Arnhemland Safaris, a comfortable lodge on the edge of a Top End billabong.

Touring experiences include Venture North, an exclusive camping trip to the remote tip of Cobourg Peninsula and The Ghan Platinum, the up-market train journey that slices through the centre of Australia.

Australia in Style: Northern Territory is an 80-page mini edition from the ebook Australia in Style: Unique Australian Travel Experiences, which showcases the best of what’s on offer at the high end of tourism in Australia’s rural and remote regions. Part of the strength of Australia is its stunning natural environment. Australia in Style: Northern Territory tells the stories of six of the 31 properties in the full-length ebook.

These destinations, and the people behind them, give you the chance to experience this environment with a level of comfort, sophistication and refinement that is truly world class. In some instances the richness is in the company and the realisation that, whether on a Top End billabong or an outback sheep station, true wealth lies in the life you share. In other instances, it is about utilising the freshest local produce and the great culinary traditions to ensure both the taste and sense of place are articulated and honoured. In all, it is about the pursuit of excellence, and of doing it in style.

Australia in Style: Northern Territory is an enhanced ebook that features stunning full-page photography, interactive photo galleries and video throughout.

About the publisher:

R.M.Williams Publishing is a multi-award-winning endeavour devoted to telling stories for, by and about the Australian outback and maintaining a written and photographic record of life as it is lived across the vastness of this great continent.

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30 October
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