Awakening - Following Fate (Book 2‪)‬

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Alora Dennison has just turned 18 and is about to have her awakening ceremony with others the same age. The awakening ceremony takes place to allow the younger members of the pack to have their first ‘turn’ into their werewolf form. After the excruciating experience is over, Alora, a reject living in the orphanage, imprints with Colton Santo, the pack leader's son, starting a whole new relationship that neither was expecting or wanted.
Once the pack leaders are aware of what has happened, Colton’s father does everything in his power to stop them from spending time together to reject the relationship. Once you have imprinted on someone, you become their mate for life – and even if it is rejected, the one dies, the other will too.
Initially, the rejection takes place, and Alora and Colton go their separate ways, and Alora continues with her plan of leaving the pack to live a more ‘normal’ life; but after a surprise attack and the loss of a friend, Alora is taken into Colton’s living quarters to keep her safe, much to the disgust of Colton’s girlfriend, Carmen. An argument ensues, and Alora finds out she has a gift like no other wolf.
Time passes, and with discussion of the Vampires returning, Alora and Colton’s relationship evolves as they become friends and learn more about each other and their past – Colton’s previous crush on Alora comes as shock, as does his revelation about his mother, the previous Luna.
After the start of a budding friendship with Meadow, a slightly older femme in the pack, Alora comes to the conclusion that leaving her pack and all she knew is the best thing for her and for Colton. Thinking that Colton will be better off with Carmen as his mate and future Luna of the pack.
After leaving the pack, Alora has an altercation with a bear in the dense forest and finally realizes just how great her gift could be for her survival as a lone wolf living wild. Further treks east, after dreams involving Sierra, Colton’s mother, bring her into yet more potential danger as a group finds her, and she is drugged and taken. When Alora wakens, she is questioned by a doctor, and it is soon realized that although she had no intention of finding this medical facility, it is possible that Sierra brought her here through her dreams.
More questioning and speaking to others within the facility gives her more information about her past, and why she was the sole survivor of her family after the war, and more intel on why Colton’s mother left the pack. A rescue/escape is attempted, and conversations with her rescuer bring to light why Alora has the gifts and coloring that she has – she’s a hybrid.
The escape is successful, and after linking with Colton once more, Alora is safe again, for now.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
25 September
L.T. Marshall
Draft2Digital, LLC

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