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Mealtime is a somewhat easy and simple process during the first four to six months of a baby’s life.  But soon, as babies start making the transition from breast milk and formula to solid foods, parents find themselves asking some difficult questions:
•             When do I introduce solid food to my baby?
•             Which foods are the most appropriate for what age?
•             Should I follow a particular feeding schedule?
•             How much food should I make for my baby? How do I prepare it?
•             What do I feed a sick baby?
•             Is it ok to give my baby food in the car? If so, what?
From the co-author of the internationally bestselling 4 Ingredients series, Kim McCosker, comes the definitive book on cooking for babies.  BABY BOWL: Home-Cooked Meals for Happy, Healthy Babies and Toddlers answers all of these questions, and is the ultimate guide to helping parents establish healthy eating habits during this transitory time rather than relying on expensive jars of prepared baby food.
A devoted Mum of three boys, Kim McCosker has built the 4 Ingredients franchise on the idea that it is possible to prepare simple, healthy, cost-effective meals at home for any size family.  BABY BOWL provides fast and easy-to-follow recipes, organized by age (4 months to a year old), for simple, healthy, allergy-aware, cost-conscious purees, snacks and meals made from the freshest ingredients. It also and provides:
•             Essential advice on nutritional value
•             Allergy icons, indicating what each recipe is ‘free-from’ eg., Gluten free, Lactose free
•             Tips on whether to freeze, cooking times, and how to serve
•             A chapter dedicated to THERMO-friendly recipes
•             Example menu planners for baby’s first month on solids
BABY BOWL is the new baby food bible proving that it is easier than you think! This smorgasbord of delicious meals and snacks for babies and toddlers will keep you out of the baby food aisle for good.


Food & Drink
1 December
4 Ingredients
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