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What would you do if you started to believe your child was a psychopath?

On the outside it looks like Suzette has it all. A stunning ultra-modern home, designed by her handsome Swedish husband. A beautiful, but silent, seven-year-old daughter who is fiercely intelligent. But under the shiny veneer, the cracks are all too clear.

For her daughter Hanna isn’t just clever, she’s dangerous. Her behaviour is carefully calculated. She adores her father, yet wants Suzette to disappear. And as Hanna’s tricks become increasingly sophisticated – from tampering with her mother’s daily medication, imitating a rabid dog, to setting Suzette on fire – it’s increasingly clear that there is something seriously wrong with their little girl.

Because what kind of child wants to kill their own mother?

'Stage expertly crafts this creepy, can't-put-it-down thriller into a fearless exploration of parenting and marriage that finds the cracks in unconditional love' Publishers Weekly

Crime & Thrillers
16 July
Penguin Random House Australia
Penguin Random House Australia Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

Miki678745! ,

A slow bore that ultimately leads nowhere

Baby Teeth has an interesting premise. The cliché “creepy child” trope was what drew me into buying the book. Yet my expectations were crushed in the first 15 pages of the book. Spending most of its time running through a boring suburban day to day lifestyle, and exploring the meaningless past this book never truly picks up. Hanna’s antics are interesting at times but become unrealistic and stupid by the midpoint. The characters around Suzette are annoying and don’t serve the plot well at all and the ending leaves you with a bad taste. Don’t pick up this book, as it only has about 20 pages of interesting content while the rest is filled with following the slow daily life of a mum and her daughter.

Samalina6 ,


Very very unpleasantly weird without relief.

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