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New, updated edition 2018. A hip, modern, must-read for single women of any age! Dr. Lyn tells you all the “bad” traits in men and what makes a man “bad” for relationships, how to measure his severity of “badness (or goodness),” how to know if he’s “manageable” and if so, how to be a “Good Jane” and get him to behave the way you want him to. The 9 worst kinds of Dicks: Floppy Dick, Stiff Dick, Limp Dick, Cheater Dick, Player Dick, Slick Dick, Selfish Dick, Addicted Dick, Cheap Dick and Closed Dick. You’ll be able to spot Bad Dicks immediately and use her strategies to turn the tables in your favor.
Dr. Lyn tells you specifically how to act and what to say to manage a man’s behavior, and cause him to fall in love with you and surrender to you.
Choosing a life mate is the MOST IMPORTANT decision of your life. In fact, a lot of women think they have a “good mate” but he’s not a “good mate” unless he causes you to feel loved and feel good! What you want and need is a GOOD MATE who LOVES you, COMMITS to you, and CONSISTENTLY TREATS you with dignity, honor, respect -- like a rare jewel!
We’ve all read the fairy tale about the “Frog-Prince.” The Princess finds a Frog and turns him into a Prince. Well, that’s a good start! It’s not enough to turn a frog into a prince. First you have to learn how to be a Princess (Good Jane), then you have to either find a frog and turn him into a Prince or find a Prince and keep him from turning into a frog. Dr. Lyn is your Fairy Godmother, this book is your magic wand and you already have your fairy dust.

23 November
Lyn Kelley
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Retolire ,

Bad duck good Jane

The blurb on this book helps me to understand why misogynists exist!

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