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Bam is rescued from a terrible storm and meets a wonderful new friend. If only she could find her brother, she would have everything a bat could ever wish for.

About the Series
With beautiful photography and engaging text, these storybooks provide an innovative, interactive way for parents and children to read together. They also introduce phonics and other concepts that help children master reading and writing.

Spoken language in children develops as a result of recognising sounds in their environment. When a child first speaks, it mimics sounds that are reinforced by adults. Over time, the sounds are refined to form words.

Understanding language stems from the earliest interactions between parent and child. Conversing with children is extremely important in developing the first stages of literacy. It is crucial that children also learn to listen, follow directions, interpret meaning, and interact socially. Well-developed listening skills aid concentration and help with learning and problem solving. Parents can make literacy fun by including songs, rhymes, jingles, and stories in a child's daily play.

This series addresses the importance of reading storybooks with a child, talking to a child, developing vocabulary and having fun.

About Sue & Kerry Kitzelman
Assistant principal, Sue, and former lecturer, Kerry, bring more than 60 years of teaching experience to this series. They appreciate the role parents play in their children's development and especially in literacy. Now grandparents, they are sharing their passion for educating children with a new generation.

About Steve Parish
Steve Parish is a nature photographer and publisher who has been photographing Australia for 50 years. His company, Steve Parish Publishing, produces books, calendars and gifts that are loved worldwide.

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