Bedded by the Boss Bedded by the Boss

Bedded by the Boss

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When Renee Guillot starts her new job with better pay and benefits, she thinks her only worry will be a lack of job security. Little does she know she will be working for the Devil Incarnate. Suddenly, she is tossed into a world of sexual coercion and dangerous temptation.

Robert Thibodeaux can't be bothered with the mundane details of hiring his own secretary. So when his new employee shows up for work, one look is enough to know it will never work out. Getting her out of his office and into his bed isn't an easy maneuver. But that's exactly what he wants, and it will only be a matter of time before he makes it happen.


The next day was dark and rainy and Renee was sitting at her desk when the internal phone rang. She picked it up and Robert's voice barked down the line. "Get in here. I want to talk to you."
He disconnected and she was left hanging onto the phone.
Robert watched her slip into his office after a slight knock. She stood back and he looked his fill. Yeah, the game had definitely changed. Miles and miles of leg hit him. Short skirt. Tiny waist. Long hair.
It was time. It was past time.
"Shut the door."
Renee watched in fascination as his expression grew more menacing. His voice bit out at her. "I want you to quit your job."
Renee stiffened her spine and fought back with a simple word. "No."
His tactic changed immediately. "Come here."
She was horrified to feel a blush cover her face. She let out a tiny semi-hysterical laugh and shook her head. "No."
"Renee, come here, baby." He patted the shiny surface of his desk.
He stood up.
She stepped back.
He prowled across the room until he stood in front of her. He reached out and flipped the lock on the door.
Renee's nerves tightened at the sound of the bolt closing and she tried to control her breathing.
Her breath splintered when he reached out and pulled a lock of her hair into his hand. He twirled it around until his hand was fisted at her scalp. He leaned down and placed a single kiss to her lips. Her spine was flat against the door.
He lifted his mouth. "Say yes, Renee."
She shook her head. "No."
He ignored her. "This is a pretty little skirt, baby." His hand slid down and tightened around the hem. "Did you wear it for me?"
Renee stood in frozen excitement in Robert's hold. She swallowed a gasp as she felt his hand slowly drag her skirt up and bunch it around her upper thighs. She knew if she looked down, her panties would be showing.
Her eyes started to glaze and close. His fist tightened in her hair. "No, no, no. Keep them open for me."
Renee valiantly opened her eyes.
"That's good. You've got such pretty eyes. Now. We've got some negotiating to get through." He lowered his head and sucked her bottom lip into his mouth. Her eyes slid closed again.
Renee let out a small moan and felt wetness on her panties. She hung in his grasp while he sucked and licked her bottom lip.
He lifted his head. She opened her eyes and they fastened on his. "Good girl." His voice was deep. "Okay. You don't want to quit your job. I'm going to let you win that one for now. But you're going to have to give me something in return." She jerked in his arms. He controlled her movements. "Shh… Shh… I want some verification you understand where this is going."
She hung in silence in his restraining arms.
His voice became gravelly. "Nod your head if you understand."
Renee's head jerked up and down just once.
"Good. Of course, I get to choose the proof." His hand slid from the hem of her skirt to the feminine mound between her thighs. He cupped her heat through her panties. Her eyes closed as his mouth came down over hers.
Robert felt her softness all around him and thought his head was going to blow off. God, he'd wanted to screw her for so long. He needed to maintain control. But he had to touch her. Now.

Fiction & Literature
2 September
Lynda Chance
Draft2Digital, LLC

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