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Are you looking for original fairytales that can teach your kids how to be good sons and daughters but find fairy tales often promote bad behavior? Are you hoping to find legends and fables that can help you explain the world as it constantly changes for your child?

Telling bedtime stories with a whole new set of stories never before published is the answer to your needs! Bedtime Stories for Kids: Calming Short Stories for Kids, Children, and Toddlers to Help Them Fall Asleep Fast, Reduce Anxiety, and Learn Mindfulness Meditation is the story book you're looking for.

In this book you will discover amazing stories such as:
The tales of the ten princesses of Urania, a fantastic kingdom where good reigns supremeShort legends that would talk about how to protect the planetLegends with lessons that would guide your child through difficult timesCharacters that are learning and growing in their own fairytales just like your child is in their young lifeAnd much more!
Urania's Fantastic Tales aims to help your child build their own fairytale adventures with the most powerful tool a child has, one's creative mind! With a new twist on the tale of Atlantis, your child learns that there might be more than one side to every story. Reading up about the ten princesses of Urania, your child would find one whom they can relate to and learn from her tale.

So don't wait up for another version of a fairytale that has already been re-told too many times. Bring this book home and start telling your child about the wonderful world of Urania. You'll find that they too, can make their own stories and tell you about it!

Fiction & Literature
27 January
Kaizen Mindfulness Meditations
Draft2Digital, LLC

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