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"a wonderful slow burning love story of trifling ordeals and the power of the human spirit" Kawehi Reviews

"I fell even more in love with Natalie Gayle's stories, characters, and writing style. She knows how to knock you out with inspiration, heat, and heart." Rochelle's Reviews

"Dane.... le sigh! What a man!! It immediately drew me in, and I wanted, no needed to know more."  BJ's Book Blog


Have you ever hit a point in your life where everything looks good from the outside but there’s this feeling deep in your gut that tells you something is wrong? 

Dane Roberts was just an ordinary guy—so he thought. Best friend to MMA fight sensation Xander Todd, and all round decent guy.  But now a restlessness surrounds him.  Dare he reach for more?  Could he too emulate his best friend’s results in the cage? 

Arianne Le Flegg was a woman starting over, with her son.  Running from a past littered with broken promises, manipulation and violent abuse at the hands of family.  Violence terrified her on every level.  She longed for an “ordinary life”—safety for herself and her son.

Can there ever be a future for two people who view violence so differently?

One embraces it, the other dispels it.  One is seeking the extraordinary, the other ordinary. She longs for the type of man he’s trying to leave behind. 

For there to ever be a future together, they’ll need to dig deep and decide what really is important to each of them. 

To do this, they must first accept—The hardest demons to defeat are the ones inside.

They’ll have to Believe


Q: So, why should readers give this book a try?

A:  Because Believe is a book that will take you through a whole gambit of emotions.  Sometimes it's deep, emotional and griping.  At other times it's sweet, sexy and HOT. There is deep connection, romance and love. If you enjoy strong character development and cheering for your hero and heroine you'll love Believe. Oh, did I mention there's lots of MMA and fighter moments as well! 

Q:  Does this book contain a cliffhanger?

A:  No, Believe is a full length standalone novel.  (approximately 155,000 words).  There will be further books in the series but each can be read by themselves. 

Q: Where is the book set?

A:  The book is set in both Australia and the USA.

Q:  What are the characters like?

A:  The characters are strong, mature and looking for a real love. They both face challenges and have misgiving and concerns about things. There's also a very cute kid that steals the show, on occasion. 

Q:  Does this book contain "triggers"?

A:  Very hard to say. It will depend upon the individual reader. There are a couple of places that have scenes that could be difficult for readers depending upon your past experiences. There is no actual rape, or cheating. There is hot sexual content and an alpha fighter that will make you melt! 

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