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"the home grown version of Wilbur Smith" The Sunday Age

As the Allied forces fight to repel invaders in the Pacific, the Duffy and Macintosh clans face their greatest challenges at home.

Sergeant Jessica Duffy relishes her work as a code breaker in MacArthur's headquarters but is also secretly reporting on the Americans to the Prime Minister. When she uncovers treason at the highest levels, neither duty nor dishonour will stop her getting justice.

Captain James Duffy, a decorated fighter pilot with the United States Marine Corps, is expected to wait out the war assisting the bond effort, helping to make movies that gloss over the tragic realities of combat. Despite his scars, he is desperate to return to the cockpit...until a chance meeting gives him something new to fight for.
Major David Macintosh has survived prison camps, torture and countless battles, but can he endure the machinations of his obsessive cousin, Sarah? Sarah is prepared to do anything to take over the family companies, and will destroy anyone who gets in her way.

From the frontlines of the Pacific to the back lots of Hollywood, a new generation faces deadly missions, impossible choices and an inescapable family legacy.


"A rousing and revealing yarn" Weekend Australian

"the historical detail brings the ... 19th century to rip-roaring life" The Australian

"Watt's fans love his work for its history, adventure and storytelling" Brisbane News

Fiction & Literature
10 November
Pan Macmillan Australia
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Customer Reviews

WelloDG ,

Beneath a Rising Sun

Dear Peter,
I have just finished reading your latest compelling novel in the Frontier series. You have a great gift in transporting the reader to be a silent witness to the incredibly realistic scenarios you create. I will eagerly await the next instalment and look forward to being part of the journey with the Duffy and McIntosh families.
Best Wishes

Retronan ,

The Frontier Series makes for a riveting read

I have just finished reading (in three weeks) the nine books in The Frontier series and was so engrossed I found myself turning over to sleep in the early hours because I couldn't put them down..
The Duffy and the McIntosh family saga carried over from the early settler days to the end of the Second World War and ranged from the far North Queensland outback, to Sydney and to the far reaches of the fighting in the the two great wars.
Wallarie the old aboriginal spirit is the only one of his tribe remaining after a "dispersion" of his people by the police and Angus McIntosh and his curse follows the families in the years to come.
A must read.

Stray2303 ,

Peter Watt

An excellent book. An excellent series. I hope the series ever ends.

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