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Driving Her Crazy - Amy Andrews

Journalist Sadie Bliss is on a mission to prove herself as a world-class reporter. But three things stand in her way. Firstly, dangerously mouth-watering photographer Kent Nelson — he’s far too brooding and arrogant. Secondly, a road trip across the outback with above distraction — did she mention she doesn’t do sleeping under the stars?! And lastly, an insatiable longing to throw her rule book out of the car window…because what happens in the outback stays in the outback. Right?

Bushfire Bride - Marion Lennox

Dr Rachel Harper just wanted to escape her busy emergency ward and her home life for a weekend. Now she’s stranded in the outback, working with the area’s only doctor, the powerfully charming Hugo McInnes. Rachel and Hugo’s mutual attraction is soon raging as strongly as the bushfires around town. Hugo has every reason to stay away from Rachel — and Rachel’s secret means she can’t give in to her awakened feelings. But as the firestorm closes in on Cowral Bay, the heat between the two doctors is burning out of control…

A Father In The Making - Ally Blake

Ryan Gasper opened the long-forgotten envelope and read the letter. The contents shocked him: his brother, Will, had died leaving a woman pregnant…

Laura had long since given up waiting to hear from the Gaspers — she’d thought they couldn't care less about her, or her daughter, Chloe. So when Ryan turned up at her outback home, she was understandably suspicious, especially as she was so attracted to the handsome businessman. She knew his career, his life, was back in the city. But something about Laura and Chloe made him want to stay and do his best at becoming the husband and father they both deserved…

Her Knight In The Outback - Nikki Logan

Eve Read doesn’t need help from anyone. Especially not from mysterious leather-clad biker Marshall Sullivan — no matter how ruggedly handsome he is! Eve’s searching for her missing brother and doesn’t need the distraction. Yet sharing her burden with Marshall is a relief and soon Eve can’t resist the sparks igniting between them!

Marshall spends his life on the road, but there’s something about Eve that makes him want to stay put.… Has Eve finally found what she’s been searching for all along?

1 September
Mills & Boon Special Release
HarperCollins Australia Pty Limited

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