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So, you’re trying build muscle, drop the belly, and look as good as you can as fast as you can, no steroids or “crazy genetics”, or wasting silly amounts of time in the gym and hours designing a fad diet...you should read this.

This is why:

Making gains and getting a six-pack is so much simpler than the fitness industry leads you to think, and you want to avoid losing your money to false claims!

• You don't need to follow a different workout schedule every other week. Its way more straightforward than that.
• You don't need to kill yourself with crazy amounts of sets in the gym, or use special techniques.
• You don't need crazy amounts of cardio! You can get away with almost none!
• You don't need the strictest diet that “nutrition coaches” will swear-by, and you don’t need to count your macros.

This is just a handful of some of the lies that are pumped down your throat and prevent you from becoming ripped and strong, and achieving the body you so desire!

In this book, you will get information that most regular gym-goers will never come to learn…

The precise muscle making food and workout programming that make putting on 4 to 6 kilograms of A-grade muscle in the blink of an eye...and it only takes a few months. No scam, no BS, based on research from sports-scientists, this is the definitive key to muscle-building naturally.

Better, Buffer, Bigger gives you things like...

The mistakes that result in leaving guys small, loss of strength, frustration.
• How to the belly and make the gains whilst following a food plan that doesn’t leave you aggravated, feeling tired or constantly hungry.
TWO all-in-one strength and hypertrophy routines that will give you POWER and a wide, strong chest, thick, tapered back, bulging arms and tree-trunk legs. 
• How to master yourself and develop the discipline you need to achieve your goal, working from what it takes to get the most out of each individual set, to how to win the long game. 
The small tips that make such a difference, not only to size, but also preventing injury, imbalances and further links to resources to learn from.

Imagine...in no more than 3 months from now...continually praise on how great you’re looking and asked how on Earth you’re doing it!!

Imagine making the most of the extra gains of higher energy, no aches and pains, higher spirits, and the knowledge that you're getting healthier every day...as well as Better, Buffer and Bigger!!

The fact of the matter is you WILL get that “Superhero” body without having your life revolve around it. 

Scroll up, click the "Buy" button now, and begin your journey to a bigger, leaner, and stronger you!

Body, Mind & Spirit
15 July
Anthony Baston
Anthony Baston