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Justin Tibbs might be a hot, athletic, and amazing firefighter but he also has a reputation as a manwhore. Tessa Ricci worked too long and too hard to be taken seriously in the NYPD to fall victim to his charm.
Assuming he was interested, which he wasn’t.
Until he was.
And then neither of them was sure who was seducing who.

5 February
T Gephart
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Cameron682 ,

My favorite in the Series.

I went into this one blind as I wanted to finish the series not knowing anything about it and just enjoy it for what it is, and that I did, completely and utterly. I feel these two are my favourite couple of the series and the best book too, and that's saying a lot compared to the other couples. So all in all, a brilliant series is what I am trying to convey. Tibbs is that loveable larrikin that has so much confidence it is bursting at the seems and can be seen from Mars. He cracks me up with his wit and I adored seeing his softer side once he found someone to share his life with. And don't you worry about Ricci, she can hold her own against Tibbs, even more so at times. I loved their adult game of 'chicken'. She was definitely the perfect match for Tibbs. Both Justin and Tessa knew what it was like to date someone who is a first responder, and that alone has pros and cons. On the one hand, you have a dedicated person who will think about others and their wellbeing, and loyalty means something to them. Then flip the coin, and you have people who are putting their lives at risk, and you can lose that person in an instant. Takes a special person to do the job and another to accept that this is their partners passion, which is exactly who Justin and Tessa are. What I love most about this author, is her ability to express a confidant woman. She doesn't just have the heroine say it, she shows us and let us “see” it for ourselves, to prove the point without shoving it down our throats. She also has the skill to turn a manwhore who's a goof and make us love him by showing a softer side while still giving us his true funny character. This is why TG will be one of my all time favourite authors to one click blindly.

Erin Lewis aka Maimeo's ,

Loved it

Having read several of the books in this series, I couldn’t wait to read Between The Lines. This is Justin Tibbs and Tessa Ricci’s story and from the first to the last chapter Ms. Gephart wove a story that you cannot help but become invested in.

There is something about Ms. Gephart’s writing style, her strong yet vulnerable characters, that I find easy to relate too; her stories are witty, entertaining and heart warming.

I enjoyed watching the relationship develop into love between Justin and Tessa. The characters were easy to relate too and I fell hard and fast for Justin. I loved the journey they travelled in this sweet, passionate, love story. There was a good balance of humour, romance and drama in Between The Lines.

Marina Skinner ,

Entertaining and enjoyable!

4.5 stars

Between the Lines is Tessa and Justin’s story. Its an entertaining book filled with great friendships and family, witty banter and characters that you would want to be friends with.
Tessa is a cop and is this incredibly strong character who speaks her mind and I really admired her. Justin is a firefighter and the way their relationship progresses is absolutely wonderful plus his smart mouth was lets just say hot! Lol.
The support from work colleagues and family is really quite something.
I genuinely enjoyed every part of this book and there was some interesting turn of events in the storyline that held my attention, suspense, drama and great banter! This was such a great addition to a fun series of characters on the frontline.

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