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This collection of erotic tales, by sixteen established and new authors, gives a fresh insight into contemporary erotica. Chosen from the entrants in the Stringybark Erotic Fiction Awards, David Vernon has selected eighteen entertaining, amusing and definitely arousing tales of passion. Ranging from the Garden of Eden to the sizzling streets of Spain, each story is sure to excite.

"Adam watched her as she stood with her back to him, slender legs apart; her firm buttocks looking like a bisected apple from the tree God had forbidden him to touch. He felt an unfamiliar stirring in his belly and rubbed it briefly, thinking he should have eaten more berries for lunch."
— from "Paradise Lost" by Julie Davies.

"He comes to me after the beach, long lean muscles loose from hours bobbing out the back. Tied only to his leg-rope, he launches himself off the edge of the country, riding the waves, but the tide brings him back to land and his need brings him here, to my place. He’s chilled after a surf, relaxed and able to take his time. His brown skin smells of the sun and I can taste the water’s salt in private places the cold shower on the beach fails to sluice."
— from "Hot Wax" by Morgana MacLeod

"I didn’t hear her mount the stairs although I sensed she was coming and she made not a sound as she picked her way silently and gracefully, cat-like through the debris and clutter of the building site. She tossed me the can of cola before hitching up her dress and swinging her lithe, tanned legs over the cement-spattered scaffold trestle that stood between us.She looked cool; she always does. She could lie beneath the August sun in a duck-down ski suit and still not perspire."
— from Frank's Ladder by Mike Sealey

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29 February
David Vernon
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