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When a big-city agent wants to rent the abandoned chapel on the Bowens’ property for an obscene amount of money, it seems like a deal of a lifetime . . . there’s just one small catch.

Nathaniel Black.

Disgraced, broken-down, whisky-swilling rock god Nathaniel Black is set to make a comeback, or at least that’s what his long-suffering agent is hoping.

Nathaniel’s last chance for salvation is to lock himself away from the temptations of his wicked life. With no women, no booze, and no drugs. Only the music. The one thing he didn’t count on was forming a complex, life-changing bond with a reclusive, talented songbird, Sadie Bowen.

Twenty three-year-old Sadie has all of Nathaniel’s cassette tapes under her bed and his tattered poster lining the inside of her wardrobe door. And now he’s here, in her backyard, eating her food and sharing her bathroom—a dream come true, right? Until Sadie realises her teenage idol is the most infuriating, arrogant man-child she has ever met.

Will seclusion lead to destruction? Or will Sadie finally get a chance to learn who the real man is behind the music? One thing is clear: despite every voice inside her head telling her to stay away, she can’t.

She can’t help it, can’t fight it.

Nathaniel Black is about to become her favourite mistake.

30 September
C.J Duggan
Smashwords, Inc.

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