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Blood doesn’t make you family, loyalty does.

As the treasurer of the Lost Kings MC, I have a reputation for two things—telling it like it is and handling my responsibilities. At the age of ten I was already my baby sister’s sworn protector. At eighteen, I patched into the Lost Kings MC and took a major role in shaping our club’s future.

The Lost Kings MC runs through my blood and I’d die for my club.

Three years ago, I thought I’d met the perfect woman, only to have her reject everything I am—a Lost King.

One bullet is a lifetime supply.

Now, after an accident that left me almost crippled, I’m struggling through the darkness. Even though I’m lashing out at everyone I love, my baby niece, little sister, and my Lost Kings MC family are the only things holding me together. Eventually, my big mouth and my reckless actions are bound to drive everyone away.

Then, in the most unlikely place, I cross paths with her again.

Love soothes our inner demons.

The spark’s still there—for both of us, even if she won’t admit it and even with my many demons still hot on my tail. 

Turns out, she’s not who I thought she was.

But she is the true ride or die girl I need by my side.

Love is worth the chaos.

As our relationship grows, I stop lashing out at my brothers, only to start lying to them instead. 

When they find out who I’m falling in love with, it will create a storm of chaos for my club. 

But if there’s one thing my turbulent life has taught me, it’s that sometimes love is worth the chaos.

18 September
Ahead of the Pack, LLC
Ahead of the Pack LLC

Customer Reviews

KirstChiv ,

Beyond Reckless

I have loved every book in this series so far but this one would have to be one of my favourites.

Indielee ,

Loved it.

This is one of the few MF authors that is an auto buy for me.

I love her writing. Love her characters. This series keeps going from strength to strength and part 1 of Tellers story is no different.

He's met his match. Did I see it coming? No. But maybe I should have. One of the absolutely wonderful things about Autumn's writing is how she threads these characters lives together. She leaves hints, like breadcrumbs, everywhere. But an extra sentence here, a little mention there, if you blink you'll miss it. It's subtle and real and is part of what makes this series so damn good. What makes re-reading it so good.

I hate when an author doesn't trust their audience enough to "get it". Some authors beat you over the head with details just to make sure you understand the what's and why of it all. Not Autumn. She trusts her readers and her storytelling. So every damn time you get a quality story. With all its quirks and wit.

So that's why I'll never complain about a story being told in two parts. When you have this authors entire backlog you already know she doesn't churn out average books. She's not someone who bows to the pressure on social media. Yeah, she might fret over how her readers will accept things, but ultimately she listens to her characters and lets them lead her. I love that.

Yeah, there's a cliffhanger. But waiting a month for book 2 is nothing. Bring it on.

Dawn 61 ,

Absolutely love this series

I've read most all the books in this series , going to start Teller's story soon, as I don't want to finish being a part of the LOKI family as this is how the books make you feel. We all understand this is undoubtedly not a normal mc, but it still gives you the feeling of family, love and above all a sense of safety. Well worth the effort to read this fantastic series. Dawn 61

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