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Originally developed to help students overcome learning obstacles created by emotional trauma or neurobiological learning disabilities, Reuven Feuerstein’s work is now used in major cities around the world to support improved thinking and learning by all students. This book is the most up-to-date summary of his thinking and includes accessible descriptions of his tools and methods for cognitive modifiablilty and mediated learning. With dramatic case studies throughout the text, Feuerstein and his co-authors define intelligence as a dynamic force that drives the human organism to change the structure of thinking in order to answer the needs it encounters. They describe in detail the specific skills of the three stages of thinking:
Input or observation and data-gathering stage, Development or processing stage, and Output stage, including analysis, synthesis, and communication.
They show how student thinking can stall in multiple ways at any of these stages and how intentional mediation can help students restructure their thinking and improve their ability to learn. Similar to cognitive mediated learning, the authors address mediation of the social and emotional skills that impact learning. This new book from an educational icon and his colleagues will inform the work of any educator seeking to improve student achievement in their school or district.

“Reuven Feuerstein is one of a handful of educational thinkers and practitioners who has made a significant, lasting contribution to our understanding of human learning.”
—Howard Gardner, Harvard Graduate School of Education

“A highly innovative and immensely hope-inspiring work. . . . This book provides both researchers and practitioners with a treasure map for exciting and vibrant teaching, as well as metrics for judging successful learning and research.” 
—From the Foreword by John D. Bransford, University of Washington, College of Education

“America has the opportunity and obligation to fully develop the intellectual capitol of all its students. Reuven Feuerstein has provided us with the antidote for the pernicious gap between intellectual potential and achievement that millions of our students experience.” 
—Yvette Jackson, Chief Executive Officer, National Urban Alliance

“This book is a must-read for any individual who believes that there are no barriers to what a mind can learn to do, especially when aided by skilled mediators who believe deeply that brains can grow, minds can change, and intelligence is not fixed.”
—James A. Bellanca, Chief Executive Officer, International Renewal Institute, Inc.

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29 July
Teachers College Press
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