Bi-sexual Love: The Homosexual Neurosis

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The present work is the English version of a part of one of the volumes in the author’s massive series of clinical studies bearing the generic title, Disorders of the Instincts and Emotions and covering the whole range of the so-called Parapathic Maladies. The translation represents approximately one-half of theHomosexualität of the volume entitled Onanie und Homosexualität, and bearing the sub-title, Die Homosexuelle Neurose. The balance of the Homosexual Neurosis and the author’s clinical study ofAutoerotism are also translated and will appear shortly.

It is the author’s intention, and mine as his translator, to issue an English version of all the volumes in this comprehensive series. In addition to the subjects covered in the present volume and in the two volumes to follow shortly, the Disorders of the Instincts and the Emotions include the Anxiety States, Female Frigidity, Male Impotence, Infantilism (including Exhibitionism and Fetichism), the Compulsion Neurosesand Morbid Doubts. The range of the subjects and the plan of the volumes already published show that the series as conceived by the author forms a complete clinical account of the psychogenetic disorders, and represents the most recent development of scientific research. Since the genetic study of these parapathic maladies involves a thorough understanding of the facts of sexual life Dr. Stekel’s works on the Disorders of the Instincts and the Emotions constitute incidentally the latest practical reference Handbook of Sexual Science in the light of our newer knowledge and should prove also on that score of inestimable value to the medical and the allied learned professions.

The absence of formal systematic instruction in the Principles and Practice of Psychoanalysis in spite of the wide interest that the subject has deservedly aroused in our midst is highly regrettable, the more so since the lack of systematic instruction in our country deprives the older practitioners as well as the oncoming generations of physicians of an opportunity to familiarize themselves with this most important branch of therapy. Even though the curriculum of instruction in our schools, and particularly in our medical colleges, is admittedly burdened with a bewildering plethora of other branches of instruction, it is inconceivable that our colleges, our hospitals and psychiatric institutes, and our other institutions of higher learning will long continue to neglect a subject of such vital importance as psychotherapy and re-education, now that the subject has been placed, at last, upon a solid basis through the application of the psychobiotic and genetic methods of approach. But it will probably take considerable time before competent instruction to fill the need will be available.

It appears therefore highly desirable that an English version of Dr. Stekel’s works should make their appearance at this time. For in the absence of formal instruction his clinical studies form an excellent substitute, perhaps the most suitable means available for post-graduate instruction in the clinical aspects of Psychoanalysis. And should systematic courses be made available in the near future, in response to the urgent need, our instructors and students alike will undoubtedly find the Stekel series most valuable aids for study and guidance.

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11 November
Library of Alexandria
The Library of Alexandria

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