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Volume 9 is a continuation from Volume 8 regarding news articles that surfaced on 6/24 of 2014. It republishes the "Sunflower Diaries," Volume 6 material. Nitrogen 1 is a chapter on the free library in Leawood, Kansas and the typo that sent a man to Grenada instead of Granada, Spain. Nitrogen 2 is speculation over celebrity spats and how it links to the "Frozen" Psychic Field. Chapter 6.1 is about Hollywood. Chapter 6.2 is regarding the Hollywood Industry. Chapter 6.3 is about the Internet Movie Database. Chapter 6.4 is regarding Hollywood linked to Planet Earth pumping out information. Chapter 6.5 is about Audience Participation applied to the Psychic Field. Chapter 6.6 is regarding Deleted Scenes and the Director's Cut seen in DVD Releases that show stories behind the scenes. Chapter 6.7 is about "The Red Balloon." Chapter 6.8 is about Austin Powers and the concept of the Fourth Wall. Chapter 6.9 is about Reality Television translated over to the Psychic Field. Chapter 6.10 is about car license plates and background signs that the Subconscious Minds of film crew will put in movies. Chapter 6.11 is regarding the movie "Bedtime Stories" that was one of the best explanations of how the Planet will use metaphors to make Prophecies come true or speak figuratively. Chapter 6.12 is regaring television shows. Chapter 6.13 is about the television show "Chuck" and the real Intersect Super Computer that exists. Chapter 6.14 is regarding George Burns as God. Chapter 6.15 is the Sunflower Diaries, Volume 6 Conclusion. Nitrogen 3 is a chapter that wraps up this volume.

Body, Mind & Spirit
24 June
Rod Island
Smashwords, Inc.

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