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There are horror stories, and then there are bizarre horror stories. The kind that really makes you scratch your head after reading them, and inspire you to utter the poignantly plaintive refrain, “What the hell was that all about?” These stories of Trolls, Leprechauns, and Robot Aliens serve to remind us that the realm of the unknown is not just scary, it is often downright bizarre...

Just consider the tale of the family beset upon by a strange gnome-like entity in Southern California. There is no apparent rhyme or reason as to why these strange creatures may enter into our lives, but when they do, the ball is in their court, and they deliver their bizarre narrative strictly on their own terms.

We didn’t know that hidden realms of microbes, bacteria and viruses existed in direct concert with our daily life until we invented the microscope, perhaps something similar could be said about these bizarre intrusions as well. Perhaps there is some as of yet, hidden dimension from which the unimaginable occasionally emerges.

Just as man broke down the barrier that separated us from viewing the microscopic world, maybe someday we will invent a means of breaking through to this reality as well.

Until then, we will just have to enjoy the hair raising accounts of those who have been lucky (or unlucky) enough to bump into these other worldly denizens, resulting in some of the most bizarre horror stories you have ever heard...

Body, Mind & Spirit
28 July
Max Mason Hunter
Draft2Digital, LLC

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True stories

True stories like these are boring compared to fiction.

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