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Stephanie is a woman on a mission: find out once and for all what is behind that guarded door. Getting past the guard, and his "bribe" is the least of her concerns, because once on the other side of that door she is handcuffed, blindfolded, and stripped. And then it begins: a wicked and rough, no holds barred gauntlet of unseen horny men.Warning: This short-story contains extremely explicit reluctant but consensual g******g sex between adults and is intended for mature readers. If you are offended by forced deep throat, forced semen swallowing, very rough sex, rough anal sex, double penetration, or anonymous sex, please don't read this story.* * * Only for 18+ adults * * *Excerpt:“Okay. This is so exciting,” she said, feeling a sweet little shudder ripple down her back. “So mysterious. And maybe a little wicked, dangerous?”“Maybe,” he said. “Not the words I’d use to describe what you are about to experience.”Her wrists were pulled back and snapped into handcuffs. Stephanie’s eye grew big as her jaw dropped. She was not expecting that, and started to get just a little worried. Then he placed a blindfold over her eyes and tied it tightly.“Hey now,” she said. “Just how kinky are you? Wasn’t the BJ enough to get inside?”“You’re not allowed to see where you’re going,” he said. “It’s a secret.”Hans then yanked her dress down to her ankles, before removing her bra and thong.“Hey!”“Your clothes and purse will be waiting,” he said. Hans quick walked her to the other door, and thrust her through it. “Have fun, Stephanie. My only suggestion is relax and take it like the big girl you claim to be.”“Uh-oh,” she said, realizing he was going to leave the handcuffs and blindfold on.“Mmmm, fresh meat,” a deep, gravelly male voice said.A pair of big, rough hands grabbed her. Stephanie was crushed against a naked, hairy chest as bold hands explored her every nook and cranny. She squeaked and squirmed, mind reeling with the sudden change of circumstances. This was not what she expected.“Wait! Wait,” she said, and the man crushed her lips with his. His kiss was deep, hard, and just the way she liked it. Stephanie stopped struggling, savoring the moment instead. “Mmm.”About the Author: Cindy Sutton is not exactly the girl-next-door. She likes lipstick, stilettos, and uncompromising men who aren't afraid to take what they want. Cindy loves to read and write stories about such men, and the women who can't stay away from them.

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7 October
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