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'The story of an ordinary man who discovers he's not so ordinary.  Pascoe is one of our finest writers.'
Ray Lawrence

Jim Bloke's your typical Aussie, sort of.  Being an orphan he's done it tough in the past, but he knows how to take care of himself and he has an affinity with life's important things.  So when he takes a job as a sea-urchin diver on a stretch of coastal paradise, he's right at home with the morwong, pearl perch and butterfish.

He's less at home with the people – apart from the woman who works as his deckhand – since the industry's crookeder than your average banker.  And because Bloke's already done a season in the big gym, he makes a perfect fall guy when things go wrong.

That sends him running again, by a roundabout way into the arms of his real family.  But Jim's not sure that's where he wants to be.  He wants love and that's hard, he wants his identity and that's even harder.

Bloke is an achingly funny novel about coming to terms with who you are, where you belong, who you love.  Jim has a weakness for women that leads him into trouble, and then to salvation.

Fiction & Literature
3 August
Penguin Random House Australia
Penguin Random House Australia Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

Kazzican ,


This is a great book, the second of Bruce Pascoes I've read. I was an instant fan when I started with "Fog A Dox" last week and plan to work my way through the rest of his books, including his non-fiction. "Bloke" is beautifully written with honesty and insight, and a gentle humour that's not out of place even when things turn dire. Upon finishing it I can't help but be surprised by how a book quite diminutive in size has introduced such a vast cast of well explored characters, emotions and plot twists and turns. There are no unnecessary extra words. Pascoe expertly describes the human condition and the Australian experience with the same quiet purposefulness. I believe Bruce Pascoe is my new Hemingway.

Toekneechestnut ,


I bought Dark Emu by Bruce Pascoe as a present for someone else, however ending up reading it myself and was staggered by the genius of our Aborigines with respect to land management and governance. At the same time I was appalled at the way Australian Aboriginals were treated. The only other historical book on Australia that I rate unforgettable and profound is Robert Hughes's The Fatal Shore.
Until then I wasn't aware of any of Bruce Pascoe's other work. I purchased Bloke will in Japan and throughly enjoyed the story. Well written and captivating , I found it difficult to put down and devoured it veraciously.

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