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'A highly enjoyable exercise in financial disaster tourism... politically incorrect, often very funny, and shot through with genuine insight' Robert Harris, The Times

In this hilarious, fascinating, timely must-read, Michael Lewis reveals the true natures of the countries caught up in - and exacerbating - our boomerang economies, showing how the financial meltdown hit us all in the face. Right now, Europe is in serious financial chaos. In Greece, infrastructure costs mean it would be cheaper to transport all Greek rail passengers by taxi, and hairdressing is classified as arduous for tax avoidance purposes. In Iceland, Range Rovers frequently explode as owners collect the insurance to pay for them. Ireland saw the entire country put up for sale - to itself, while the Germans expected the whole world to behave like them. But the whole world didn't.

'Chock-full of extraordinary characters, amusing anecdotes and shocking insights' Observer

'A tour de force... All those questions you've half-asked yourself: nowhere else will you find them answered with such incisive wit or terrifying clarity' Mail on Sunday

Business & Personal Finance
6 October
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Customer Reviews

Jamesth0mas10 ,

A good read. Short and sweet

A good read. Short and sweet

Megsy112 ,

Disappointing compared to previous works

I enjoyed reading Boomerang but was disappointed that it did not go further in its analysis of and predictions for the post GFC world. It had the feel of a work that was rushed out to take advantage of the success of 'The Big Short'. At the end I am left wondering whether the author thinks the world's highly indebted governments will default or not and what the implications of the potential default will be.

PenelopePitstop777 ,


The best read for some time

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